BioSurface Care

For a spotless home that exudes health and well-being!

High-performance, eco-friendly professional products, finally available for the home.

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BioSurface Pro

Efficiency without compromise.

Efficient cleaning products. For all commercial surfaces.

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Discover our Residential Products

Discover our Professional Products

Our Residential Products

Daughter to help wash the dishes.

Ultra-efficient for the home.

Having proven themselves in professional circles, this line of products is now available for the home.

A healthy living environment, thanks to products developed locally in Canada. What more to ask for?

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Our Professional Products


High performance for all commercial surfaces.

Whether it be in hospital, industrial or school environments, our products have proven their worth. They can even restore certain damaged vinyl surfaces.

Use them and rest assured your commercial surfaces will remain impeccable for a very long time. What’s more, they’re environmentally friendly!


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