Efficiency without compromise for any type of commercial or residential surface

Eco-friendly cleaning products.

History of the BioSurface family of products

It all began with a business customer whose vinyl flooring had been damaged prematurely, presaging serious financial losses for this company. Inadequate maintenance with the wrong products and poor maintenance techniques was at the root of the problem.

It is to remedy this situation and help a client that InnuScience, Escaban and Prosol Solution combined their efforts. This exceptional alliance brought about a cleaning product so efficient that it restored the damaged vinyl surface…

Fruit of innovative technology, the Floor Restorer is also environmentally-friendly and meets all sustainable development criteria. This initial achievement encouraged the three companies to join forces and create the BioSurface Pro product line for professional use and the BioSurface Care product line for residential use.

High-performance products that are safe for the environment

The BioSurface Pro family of products is intended for commercial use.

It features efficient and environmentally friendly products for all types of commercial surfaces, such as homogeneous or heterogeneous vinyl, composite vinyl tile, linoleum, rubber and carpeting.

The BioSurface Care line is intended for residential use. It delivers unprecedented performance for any room and all surfaces found in the home.

An exceptional partnership

The three companies who have united to create the BioSurface lines of products are three important players in the field of professional hygienic maintenance.

The key to success in any business is a genuine concern for customer satisfaction. By combining their strengths, these partners offer a range of efficient and ecologically-sound products capable of maintaining any commercial or residential surface.

We invite you to come discover them.