Satin Floor Finish


Scientifically engineered technology that combines durability and shine.

Its exceptional spreading capacity makes it easy to apply and helps maintain its shine longer, making maintenance easier and requiring less-frequent stripping. In addition, no sealer is required. This floor finish is environmentally friendly as it does not contain any zinc or VOCs.

Ideal for: schools, hospitals and all other buildings with large floor areas.


Additional information

20L, 4L

Method of use

  • Apply the floor finish over the floor.
  • Make sure that the finish is fully dry between each application.
  • Suitable for all methods of application and types of applicators.
  • Highly versatile, the product is well suited for low-speed (350 RPM) and highspeed (1500 RPM) buffing.

Technical Data Sheet

Download : BSP_FT_Satin-Floor-Finish_EN_Fev2017_F

Safety Data Sheet

Download : BSP_SDS_Satin-Floor-Finish_EN_Fev2017_F