Efficiency without compromise

Efficient and eco-friendly cleaning products: that’s the BioSurface Care promise.

No need to choose between performance and the environment! Our BioSurface Care products are high-performance and eco-friendly. Having proven their worth in industrial, hospital and school environments, BioSurface Care products are now available in a domestic line, perfect for your home maintenance.

A spotless house, a healthy and safe living environment, economical and environmentally friendly products designed and produced locally… What more could you ask for?

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Safe to use

When it comes to keeping your home spotless, you want efficient products. The BioSurface Care family of cleaning products is superior to any other in performance and efficiency.

Tested and recommended by our industrial, hospital, school and commercial customers, our maintenance products have proven themselves time and again.

If they’re efficient enough to clean high-traffic commercial sites, such as shopping malls, hospitals and schools, imagine what they can do in your home.


No-Compromise Cleanliness

The BioSurface Care family of products was developed by the InnuScience scientific team. In Canada since 1992, the company is a world leader in biotechnology and the development of eco-friendly cleaning products.

For more than 20 years, InnuScience has exceeded the demands of its professional and industrial clients. Now working in the domestic market, the InnuScience team has developed and implemented its own set of biotechnology and sustainability quality standards, which exceed those of the products usually offered to consumers.


Developed in Canada

The BioSurface Care family of products meets high sustainable development standards, while maintaining outstanding performance and efficiency.

Our biotechnological and eco-friendly cleaning and professional hygiene products are safe and environmentally friendly.

No need to choose between performance and respect for the environment. BioSurface Care products allow you to perform your domestic tasks efficiently, while remaining mindful of the environment.

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